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Smarts Tips to Help Simplify Your Bedroom Remodel

Many homeowners believe that of all the possible home improvement projects they can undertake, renovating their bedroom is the most worthwhile. This tends to be an accurate outlook; after all, a functional and attractive bedroom can be a great selling point, not to mention how upping the quality of your bedroom can easily make everyday life more luxurious. However, bedroom DIY projects can often be difficult and expensive if they aren’t done properly. If you are interested in remodeling your bedroom, start the planning process now. Here are some ways you can remodel your bedroom to maximize your time and effort, as well as several tips on how to keep the project moving smoothly.

Create a Project Plan and a Budget

Of course, before you start anything, you need to have a proper game plan in place. As with any DIY project, you should always start by establishing an overall project plan. If you go without a plan and just dive into a subproject, you will soon find that you’ve made a mess in a critical area and have run out of time to make it any better. Approach your tasks like a professional contractor or project manager would: Outline each smaller task you need to accomplish and calculate the estimated time the task will take and the tools required to make it happen. To ensure you stay on or under budget, add up the expected cost and try to stick to it. If possible, instead of buying hammers or power drills, for example, borrow the necessary pieces.

Before buying a new set of draperies, a new bedspread, or new pieces of furniture, for example, remember to check online for deals, and time your purchases at major retailers to align with storewide sales. When you are shopping for new inclusions for your bedroom, you may find it easy to become distracted by pieces of furniture that are just your taste. However, keep in mind that the bedroom should be an inherently relaxing place. Make sure that your design allows for peace and quiet, as well as complete darkness at night.

Recycle Your Waste

One of the things that is commonly forgotten about when a plan is formed is what to do with everything that is left over. For instance, you may be acquiring a new set of curtains — do you plan to throw away your old set? Donate or sell them online? It is helpful to have a plan beforehand so you aren’t stuck with a large pile of old bedroom items and no room to store them.This is particularly true if part of your renovation involves upgrading your mattress. As the central piece of furniture in your bedroom, your bed is critical, and having a fresh mattress can be an ideal way of improving your sleep and increasing your energy for the next day.

However, after you bring in your new mattress, you will still be left with your old mattress taking up space in your bedroom, home, or garage. Don’t just toss your old mattress into a dump or landfill — there are several ways you can recycle your mattress, which could include breaking it down and using the pieces for different projects. Some second-hand stores will accept used mattresses if they are still in good condition. You can also hire a hauling company to take the mattress off of your hands. Many cities also have organizations dedicated to repurposing old mattresses and similar bulky items. Do your research online on possible environmentally friendly methods of disposal instead of simply throwing your mattress away.

Have a Place to Sleep

Remember, if you are completely renovating your bedroom, the project will likely take more than a single afternoon, so you will still need a place to sleep at night. Account for this problem before you start your project so you won’t be forced to sleep on the floor or in a chair; you may wish to ask a friend or family member if you can sleep in their spare bedroom.

DIY bedroom remodeling projects require that you juggle a large number of moving parts at the same time. However, by planning for every part of the project, you will help keep the project moving smoothly from beginning to end.

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