Homeowner Resources

Verify a Builder License

Did you know that any person that contracts with a property owner for a construction or remodeling that is $600 or more, including material and labor, is required to be licensed through the State of Michigan.

If you would like to verify that your State of Michigan contractor is licensed click here.


How to Handle a Complaint

There are many legal options available, but the HBAGGR endorses Mediation and Arbitration. The Complaint Procedure of the HBAGGR is a service available to our members, their customers and suppliers. It is designed to aid in communications and to reasonably resolve conflicts without the time and expense of legal action. Communication between the parties is always encouraged and is a first step toward resolution.

We first recommend that you communicate with your contractor, the nature of the problem – in writing. The next step is to file a Help Request form with the Home Builders Association.

If you have any questions on the methods listed in this brochure please contact the Home Builders Association of Greater Grand Rapids at (616) 281-2021.